Sugar Cookies

Decorated Sugar Cookies {Valentine’s Day Edition}

Thumbnail image for Decorated Sugar Cookies {Valentine’s Day Edition} February 13, 2011

A lot has changed since I was younger, however, my love of sugar cookies has not.  There are SO MANY SUGAR COOKIE RECIPES on my blog however, Paula Deen’s sugar cookies are my favorite.  The worst part is that my mom and I can’t figure out which recipe it is!!! My mom would bring them […]

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Melt In Your Mouth Sugar Cookies

December 14, 2009

They don’t call these melt in your mouth sugar cookies for nothing..because that’s exactly what they are, delicate, light, airy and perfectly sugary. This is a another recipe from the Better Homes and Garden’s 100 days of cookies magazine that I have used in the past. It’s more of a drop cookie, except you roll […]

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Off to see Pioneer Woman and Sugar Cookie Video

December 12, 2009

Hope everyone is having fun baking this holiday season, I know I am.  And since today is the first night of Hanukah, my first gift is going to be to go see Pioneer Women and get an autographed copy of her cookbook tonight!  How awesome is that.  We are leaving for NYC right after school […]

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Great-Great Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

September 24, 2009

All I have ever heard about sugar cookies from my mom was how amazing these sugar cookies were and how she remembers her Great-Grandmother making them so often. My grandma had the recipe written on a sheet of paper. Actually we had two copies of it, both the same. No directions just a list of […]

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