Crunchy. Gooey. Sticky. Caramel Corn.

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I have an obsession with popcorn.  I am not quite sure where it started, but I can never say no to the fluffy kernels of joy.  One of my first memories with popcorn was in the kitchen with my Grandpa.  My grandparents were visiting for the week and  we decided to watch a movie one […]

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DIY: Microwave Popcorn

January 3, 2010

After making batch after batch of popcorn, I decided that there had to be an easier and faster way to make it.  When I first posted Kettle Corn, I received a comment saying I could make it in the microwave and a comment asking to use Splenda alone.  So I decided to try both of […]

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Chocolate Covered Kettle Corn

December 28, 2009

Last Wednesday was my last day of school before break.  The classes were shortened so the teachers finished all test giving Tuesday.  That basically called for either a “party” or an excuse to bring in yummy goodies in honor of the holidays.  Not many people have tasted the delicious kettle corn I make so I […]

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Kettle Corn

November 30, 2009

Okay.  So I lied a little.  I said I would post something healthy but I became addicted to Joy’s Kettle Corn and kind of made 2 batches just last night and one two nights ago with my sister, Brittney.  I also lied…I said this would be up last night but unfortunately school work comes first. […]

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