Chocolate Fudge Cookies with Peanut Butter M+M’s

Thumbnail image for Chocolate Fudge Cookies with Peanut Butter M+M’s July 24, 2012

There are certain things in life that I just want to bottle up and carry with me everywhere.  Sunsets are one of them I mean really, who would NOT want to see this pretty sunset in Marco Island EVERYDAY! Iced Coffees with soy milk (from Starbucks) I mean I can bottle those up and drink […]

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Chocolate Sprinkle Cookies

Thumbnail image for Chocolate Sprinkle Cookies July 6, 2012

It’s been a long time coming, but last week I FINALLY decided to whip out the big camera, bake and blog.  And bake I many cookies and brownies, so much sugar, so much chocolate… But then I left the next day for Florida and well didn’t blog. I was waiting to blog because I […]

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Chocolate Frosting Cookies

Thumbnail image for Chocolate Frosting Cookies July 1, 2011

I tend to make more frosting then I need and I’m not complaining.  When I was left with lots of chocolate frosting after making I Dream of Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes…WHICH does require that super long name and if you haven’t made them yet, you should.  They are rad. Like you.  And rad you needs rad […]

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December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving this year was a bit different than last year.  Unfortunately, it did not last two days because my parents decided to drive home after the feast instead of sleeping over.  But, lucky for me, I stayed over and spent extra time with my cousins! My and Nicole (my oldest cousin) ended up hitting the […]

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Shortbread Cookie Failure

August 22, 2010

Plain shortbread cookies never appealed to me–I always felt that it was lacking something called…flavor.  While butter, flour and sugar do make a baked good taste great–when standing on their own they lack intensity.  So when I spotted Coffee Cookies on Bake List I knew that they would be delicious–they brown one stick of butter! […]

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NO Bake Cookies! (Another chocolate and peanut butter match made in heaven)

July 26, 2010

Days are hot here in NJ during the summer. I mean hot! My weather widget says that it is supposed to get to 102* today!! On days like today the thought of heating up the entire house with the oven in obsurd.  Illogical. And simply silly when you can make delicious cookies with out the […]

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Nutella Filled Mocha Shortbread Sandwiches

July 23, 2010

Before my adventure to Italy, I wasn’t a Nutella person.  While in Italy, I finally had the opportunity to taste  a little slice of heaven.  While Nutella tastes different (at least to me) in Italy then in America, it still is delicious here in the States. Yes I just referred to America as “The States.” […]

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Oatmeal (C)Raisin Cookies

July 19, 2010

So I really wanted to share the cupcakes I made for the fourth of July but my computer and/or camera are being funky and saying I can’t upload pictures but don’t fret because I still got something for you! These are very good cookies.  I mean so good they wont last sitting on your counter. […]

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A Sweet and Salty Duo: Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookie

May 14, 2010

I leave bright and early tomorrow morning to go to Wisconsin.  Yes, Wisconsin the cheese state.  My sister aka dumbblondie is graduating from college this weekend.  She’s an old bum (tehehe just kidding) but seriously, its crazy! When did she become a grown-up? Am I going to become a grown-up that soon!? This scares me. […]

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Last treat Before Passover: Nilla Wafer/Donut Hole “Cake” Balls

March 30, 2010

Passover starts tonight and while last night consisted of my mom, sister, and I baking loads of kosher for Passover desserts, I made these to get rid of the opened cookies and such.  Perhaps they were one of the best truffles I have ever made — partially because they combine my favorite treats: Marshmallow fluff, […]

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