Crunchy. Gooey. Sticky. Caramel Corn.

Thumbnail image for Crunchy. Gooey. Sticky. Caramel Corn. March 1, 2011

I have an obsession with popcorn.  I am not quite sure where it started, but I can never say no to the fluffy kernels of joy.  One of my first memories with popcorn was in the kitchen with my Grandpa.  My grandparents were visiting for the week and  we decided to watch a movie one […]

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Caramel Cappucino Bars

September 6, 2010

Field Hockey and school are in full swing already! It’s creepy to think that I am a Senior and I have no clue where I will be one year from now.  I mean I KNOW where I WANT to be but its all up to the fates (and the awesome people who will be reading […]

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Yummy Bars.

June 25, 2010

End of school = lots of parties! In middle school, the end of school was filled with mindless movies and treats.  As the end nears each year in high school, students begin to cram for the finals that they have to take and the parties are accompanied by review packets and educational films.  This year […]

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Salted Caramel Brownies (Another sweet and salty duo!!)

June 11, 2010

Last year I was the Sports Editor of my school newspaper with my friend Rachel.  However, sports is not favorite thing to write about and mostly wrote sports features such as athletes going on spring break and a team dinner article.  So this year I applied to be the features editor and along with the […]

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