S’mores Brownie Bars

Thumbnail image for S’mores Brownie Bars April 6, 2011

I can’t wait for summer.  Sitting around a fireplace, toasting marshmallows only to place it on a chocolate bar thats sandwiched between two pieces of graham crackers.  Biting into the sandwich to the crunch of the graham cracker, gooeyness of the marshmallow and then the melted chocolate.  Oh my I love s’mores.  But actually, in […]

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December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving this year was a bit different than last year.  Unfortunately, it did not last two days because my parents decided to drive home after the feast instead of sleeping over.  But, lucky for me, I stayed over and spent extra time with my cousins! My and Nicole (my oldest cousin) ended up hitting the […]

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Falling for Pumpkin (Pumpkin Crumb Bars)

October 13, 2010

Time moves quickly.  The leaves have begun to change and fall to the ground, the weather turned chilly and this morning midterm reports were due.  I have applied to college, I am playing in my last County Tournament for field hockey and attending my final few high school football games.  While these lasts may seem […]

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Caramel Cappucino Bars

September 6, 2010

Field Hockey and school are in full swing already! It’s creepy to think that I am a Senior and I have no clue where I will be one year from now.  I mean I KNOW where I WANT to be but its all up to the fates (and the awesome people who will be reading […]

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Yummy Bars.

June 25, 2010

End of school = lots of parties! In middle school, the end of school was filled with mindless movies and treats.  As the end nears each year in high school, students begin to cram for the finals that they have to take and the parties are accompanied by review packets and educational films.  This year […]

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