Saddle River 15K

by Chelsey on November 29, 2010

Howdy ho I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! I will be posting recipes and a recp soon but for now, a little recap:

As I mentioned here, I ran a 15K last weekend.  With field hockey season coming to a close, I needed an outlet for my energy and focus.  Unless I play on an intramural team in college, it was my last time playing and I was upset with the loss of a team sport.  However, after reading many healthy living blogs, I decided to transfer that time and energy to running.  I downloaded a free iphone app (on my ipod) and jumped to it.  While I didn’t follow every run (I got lazy some Sunday mornings) Actually, I believe I only did one of the four long runs on a Sunday!

I was already in shape from field hockey so I figured 3 weeks of training was sufficient. Yes, I would’ve loved to run in faster, however, I’m happy with the pace I ran it in.  I never would have thought that I would run that far that quickly, yet, now I know, I can do it.  I am one step closer to completing my dream of running in the New York City Marathon in future years and plan to continue with running for quite some time.

It was FREEZING (by freezing I mean like 40°) when we arrived so my daddy gave me his sweatshirt while I waited.  Yes I showed up in shorts and a tank top but ended up wearing my long sleeve the entire race.  Luckily, the Weather Busters sponsered the race so there was this “heating unit” I need one to follow me around permanently.  Don’t I look happy?

The race route was through a beautiful park! It consisted of one small loop to start us off then an out an back (with 2 mini out and backs in between).  I loved seeing the sprinters pass by on their “back” as I was going “out.”  It was on a bike/running path so there were plenty of others simply using the track.  Most were super friendly and kept cheering us on! It was much needed considering I only saw my parents once in the beginning while running and then at the end.

I read countless race recaps from Healthy Tipping Point and Meals and Miles (thanks guys!!!!) and decided to bring some “fuel” for running.  I packed Starbursts in my running shorts pocket and ate one while running.  It gave me a cramp–I am not a fan and I don’t really think it is necessary for this length race.

My ankles and knees tend to hurt sometimes (often) however, the pain held off most of the time!!!!! Unfortunately, I felt it in my knees the next morning :(

I finished 2nd in the Under 19 Female department.  There also happen to only be 2 total under 19 females :/  The girl that beat me was 12 or 11 and finished in 1 hr and 11 minutes!! Speed demon.

But I love my medal :) And hope there are more to come!

With love and cupcakes,

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1 Caitlin November 30, 2010 at 9:32 am

Congrats!!! You are epic :)


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