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by Chelsey on August 13, 2011

I think somethings wrong with me.  I was super responsible the other day, I turned my T.V. and computer off by 10pm!!! This never happens, I normally futz around on my computer until waaaay later and then watch tv to fall alseep.  But not last night.  Last night I turned the tv and computer off and then READ for 1.5 hours.  So unlike me.  Before going to sleep, I set my 7 alarms ranging from 8:30 (no chance I was waking up that early) to 10:15 (still unlikely I would wake up to that).  BUT come 6:15am, I was awake. WHAT?! It was totally weird, waking up without an alarm earlier than I had to for school, but I did and I am still in shock! I guess that’s what they mean when you should turn off all electronic an hour or two before bed.  Good thing its 1:30am and I am on my computer… 😉

I also attribute my fantastic sleep to the delicious dinner I made, using this pesto.  I will share that recipe in a few days, but for now, make this pesto and put it on like everysinglething.  Tomatos.  Watermelon. Pasta. Toast. My entire family is obsessed with it, including my mom, who isn’t a pesto lover.

The second I saw it on Angela’s blog, Oh She Glows, I knew I needed it in ma belly asap.  See, my friends mom makes the BEST pesto in the entire world.  Bold statement, I know.  But it made me obsessed with pesto. This pesto is just as good, if not better, and without all the oil and Parmesan cheese {Yuck}.

Oh, and this is super simple to! Not need to drizzle in olive oil, which would be annoying considering I use a mini chopper without a spout on top instead of a food processor.  Hi Cruisinart, I love your products, wanna send me a food processor? Totes kidding, but I can dream…right?

Back to reality, grab some fresh basil and rip gently pluck leaves from the plant

you are going to want 1 cup of PACKED basil leaves, shove the leaves in there, there can never be too much basil.

The recipe called for navy or cannelloni beans, but I only found small white beans at the super market, weird.  But I used these beans before and there were really good so I decided to sub them in.

Chop the garlic clove in the food processor and then add all of the other ingredients!

Blend blend blend

Creamy deliciousness

The white beans make this super duper creamy while eliminating all fat + calories from olive oil.

I wish I could say I enjoyed it spread on toast, but I still can’t chew toast (I got my wisdom teeth out) But I did enjoy it in a variation of the salad I enjoyed at L’Auberge.

Watermelon + Heirloom Tomatoes + Fresh Pesto + Sprinkle of salt =  Best combination EVER.  You can eat it as shown or mix it all up in a bowl.  PSA: Cup it up super teeny tiny if you recently got your wisdom teeth out.

With love and cupcakes,



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1 Natalie S. August 13, 2011 at 1:46 am

Looks delicious and refreshing! I’m going to make this next week when I go to the beach with my family.


2 Mellie August 13, 2011 at 11:33 am

I’m obsessed with pesto. this looks so good, and so healthy too!


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