Last treat Before Passover: Nilla Wafer/Donut Hole “Cake” Balls

by Chelsey on March 30, 2010

Passover starts tonight and while last night consisted of my mom, sister, and I baking loads of kosher for Passover desserts, I made these to get rid of the opened cookies and such.  Perhaps they were one of the best truffles I have ever made — partially because they combine my favorite treats: Marshmallow fluff, Nilla Wafers and Pom Pom Donuts! No joke, I usually just dip the Nilla wafer into the fluff to make a little sandwich but seeing the pom poms on the table just sparked my mind!

In the food processor, grind half a box of Nilla Wafers until they are fine crumbs:

Then add 4 tablespoons of cream cheese –having it room temperature makes it easier to incorporate

At this point, I also added 3 hefty spoonfuls of fluff..I love fluff!

Use your hands, or if you want to be clean a spoon, and mix until combined

BUT WAIT! There were Pom Pom Donut Holes on my kitchen counter, humph…why not incorporate those into these truffley balls of deliciousness.  So go ahead and crumble in about 12-15 donuts, or as many as you got!

Since the doughnut holes had the glaze on them, you dont need to add more fluff but you can if you want, I added another spoon full to make sure all the filling stayed stuck together

Mix is until all conbined

Form into small balls and freeze for about 15 minutes or until they are chilly

Uh Oh! Camera DIED so while I ran upstairs to charge it I dipped them into white chocolate, add some vegetable shortening so they dont crack! My friend Claudia told me this and boy have I never been happier!!!!

I then drizzled with some “dark” chocolate for aesthetic appeal and to add a more “chocolatey” bite to them.

Holy yum!!!!

These are almost a “throw what you got on hand in” type of treat. For example, try with oreos and chocolate doughnuts or graham crackers and sprinkles…the possibilities are endless!!

Off to Passover Sedar!! Happy Holidays to those observing and if not, go make these! Seriously, they are that good!

With love and cupcakes,

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1 Carly March 31, 2010 at 7:50 pm

I'm salivating


2 Em April 2, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Hey – Just read a comment you made on Joy the Baker and thought I'd stop over. Looks like you've got some pretty awesome recipes. Just a suggestion though – maybe try adding "Read more" things instead of having the whole post laying out front. I like to skim down blog pages getting a taste of lots of different recipes before I look at one specifically, and you only have about 3 or 4 recipes on the front page right now. Sorry if I sound rude or persnickety. :)


3 Allison April 7, 2010 at 4:33 pm

These look like the kind of thing I need to stuff my face with. Like right now.


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