Sweet Bites

Crunchy. Gooey. Sticky. Caramel Corn.

Thumbnail image for Crunchy. Gooey. Sticky. Caramel Corn. March 1, 2011

I have an obsession with popcorn.  I am not quite sure where it started, but I can never say no to the fluffy kernels of joy.  One of my first memories with popcorn was in the kitchen with my Grandpa.  My grandparents were visiting for the week and  we decided to watch a movie one […]

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Twenty Ten reflection

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2011 was the year I never imagined would come.  The year I would graduate from High School.  There are landmark events in everyone’s life that when you look to them as they are in the future, you never imagine they will actually happen, however, once they are in the past, there’s this indescribable feeling of accomplishment. […]

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Baked Donuts and Coffee & Cookie Brownies

Thumbnail image for Baked Donuts and Coffee & Cookie Brownies December 19, 2010

It seems that every year around this time, people pause and take a moment to reflect on where they are in life.  Whether it be high school, college, searching for a job or living your dream, everyone needs time to examine what is different now than last year, what has changed.  I’ve realized that I […]

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December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving this year was a bit different than last year.  Unfortunately, it did not last two days because my parents decided to drive home after the feast instead of sleeping over.  But, lucky for me, I stayed over and spent extra time with my cousins! My and Nicole (my oldest cousin) ended up hitting the […]

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Smooth like Butter (Pumpkin that is…)

November 10, 2010

As you already know, my mom was a television producer for various food shows on a multitude of networks. She spent a solid decade of her adult life behind the scenes in kitchens all over the world. Before that she was quite the artist and rocked the PTO. I think that my mom knows the […]

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Victorian Tea Party–Cream Puffs and Ribbon Tea Sandwiches

June 19, 2010

The last thing we were studying in English was the Victorian Age.  They are known for their generosity and welcoming personalities and therefore every year the english 3 honors classes host a tea party for the rest of the school.  After searching for the recipe packets high and low in her class room, we finally […]

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Funfetti Cupcake Pops!

April 27, 2010

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am cookoo for cake pops, and how cute are these cupcake pops! Usually, I make them with red velvet cake but this time, in honor of my friend and neighbor,  Elysa’s 12th Birthday–I made them using Funfetti Cake Mix, yum! Ok, to get started, bake the cake per […]

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Last treat Before Passover: Nilla Wafer/Donut Hole “Cake” Balls

March 30, 2010

Passover starts tonight and while last night consisted of my mom, sister, and I baking loads of kosher for Passover desserts, I made these to get rid of the opened cookies and such.  Perhaps they were one of the best truffles I have ever made — partially because they combine my favorite treats: Marshmallow fluff, […]

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Thin Mint Truffles

March 24, 2010

Yes it is Girl Scout cookie season as most of you already know and yes I am addicted to Girl Scout cookies.  During lacrosse practice yesterday I started to think “How good would those Oreo Truffles be with Thin Mints!”  And hey, I need to get some of the 15 boxes we ordered outta the […]

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End of midterms and SAT’s (Recipe: “Healthy” Pudding Parfaits)

January 23, 2010

Yes, I am still alive.  I have been taking midterms for the past three days and prior to that I spent a majority of my day in my dining room surrounded by a sea of books.  I really wish I took a picture to show you, you would have thought I was slightly insane. Oh […]

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