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Corn + Squash Pesto Succotash

Thumbnail image for Corn + Squash Pesto Succotash August 17, 2011

This summer has flown by.  I can’t believe that I am done interning and that I leave for school TOMORROW!  I was always just excited for school, but as it looms closer, nerves are taking over.  The past few nights I have been having dreams about various aspects of college or something relating to college.  […]

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Pizza Time {Margarita Pizza with Olive Topping}

Thumbnail image for Pizza Time {Margarita Pizza with Olive Topping} August 3, 2011

Hi! I just returned home from Sedona, Arizona from the most relaxing and amazing trip! It was definitely needed by my entire family after working so hard for so long.  I am still sifting through pictures and will create a recap post of the trip, the beautiful sights and the delicious food.  But for now […]

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Eggplant + Mushroom Burger aka The Best Veggie Burger.

Thumbnail image for Eggplant + Mushroom Burger aka The Best Veggie Burger. June 5, 2011

I haven’t been going to school for the past three weeks.  Instead, I have been interning in the city for a chef, David Burke.  This is totally allowed by the way, my school allows for students to do “community service” types projects for the last month of their senior year and I chose an internship. […]

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Falafel “Burgers”

Thumbnail image for Falafel “Burgers” February 20, 2011

For the past two summers I have worked as a lifeguard at the local JCC.  Usually I packed my own lunch, however, one day my sister came to spend the day with me soaking up some sun and we had lunch at the little cafe type place located in the building.  Growing up, I remember […]

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Hey Soul Sister (Veggie Soup)

Thumbnail image for Hey Soul Sister (Veggie Soup) December 22, 2010

Baby it’s cold outside… Actually, we haven’t had much snow here in the big nj, just a few flurries one night which melted within a day or two, however, it is still chilly.  My favorite fix to warm my body…soup! This veggie soup has plenty of vitamins to keep away a cold or flu, and […]

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B Cubed (Black Bean Burgers)

November 16, 2010

A few weekends ago my parents drove me to visit another college.  While I loved the campus and everything about that school (secrets, secrets…) I also loved my lunch.  If you think that I ordered the black bean burger you would be incorrect. I got the black bean soup and a nice veggie panini filled […]

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Anytime Salmon Cakes

July 25, 2010

So my blog will be 1 years old in 6 days and my goal was to have 100 posts by then! However, I have not had as much time as I would have liked to this summer to blog considering I am in school for 6 hours 4 days a week and work four days […]

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Eggs in a Carton.

July 10, 2010

Sounds enticing right? ALL I was craving was an egg sandwich on a bagel so when I made it to my kitchen I whipped this up and oh boy did it hit the spot while saving calories and fat and moolahhh! What you will need: Eggs (in a carton or regular) and Pam Optional: Frank’s […]

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Peanut Chicken and Mushrooms (and a Salad)

July 4, 2010

I can eat mushrooms and onions sauteed in a little EVOO or Pam with a spoon (or my fingers) any time of day–in an omelet at breakfast time or with some chicken at dinner time.  When mushrooms and onions are paired with fresh parsley, thai peanut sauce and chicken breasts the result is a dish […]

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Seafood “salad”

August 28, 2009

This deli-style salad is perfect on anything and for anything. Put on some lightly toasted bread and eat as a sandwich, or toss it in some lettuce as a lettuce wrap, in a salad, plain and well any way your brain can think of. I have made this for dinner with leftover shrimp my mom […]

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