Onion + Bacon + Cheese Rolls

Thumbnail image for Onion + Bacon + Cheese Rolls July 16, 2011

I take too many pictures.  Seriously.  My computer has reached its maximum capacity for memory, it’s makes me chuckle.  Mostly because a majority of the photos that occupy my precious memory are of food.  Yes there are people photos from events or just random happenings but the reason my computer it full is the same […]

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola

Thumbnail image for Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola April 10, 2011

I have had a hankering for granola for quite a while and when I spotted a recipe for Elvis Granola on Eat, Live, Run, I knew I had to make it immediately! I had almost everything on hand, except the peanuts and dark chocolate so I went straight after tutoring to pick some up.  I bought […]

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Breakfast of a Blogger: Pumped up Pumpkin Overnight Oats and Homemade Soy Misto

August 18, 2010

I was nervous to dabble into overnight oats for some reason but I am so glad I did!! Todays batch was pumped up with pumpkin and paired with a “soy misto” (homemade of course) I wasn’t too sure what I would be in the mood for this morning so I made these when I woke […]

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Breakfast of a Blogger: Oatmeal

August 8, 2010

I used to hate breakfast foods.  Eggs made me nauseous and pancakes were just ehh.  Oatmeal? Uh, I’ll pass.  But then I entered blog world and began reading about how breakfast could be delicious! “Breakfast of a Blogger” will be a mini series of different breakfast foods I eat now that I have been exposed […]

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Mini Maple Pancake Muffins

April 9, 2010

Holy Cannoli! (Literally!) I am leaving for Italy today right after school!  I have a free so I came home to do one last post before I depart and to finish packing up all my stuff.  I am soo excited! Any recommendations of what to eat and where to go? I have an entire free […]

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Foodie Fight: Pumpkin and Bulgur Wheat

November 3, 2009

Hey Y’alll! (excuse the southern-ness, I still feel the Paula Deen in me…FYI contest ends tomorrow night!!!) On a different note…today was my last field hockey game, it was sad but we won! (YAY!) Now that I come home right after school I am finally going to have more time to get up all of […]

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